All winners will be announced at the A Seat At the Table Awards (ASATA) on Sunday, March 18 from 3-6 p.m. at Camp North End. 

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She is Her. 

She's the well-rounded chick, a bawse in all areas of her life. She's the baddie of the baddies. She's flawlessly fly, sincere, authentic, honest, socially conscious, caring, business-minded, sexual and almost as dope as Michelle Obama, Oprah and Ava Duvernay. 

Her theme song :: The Men All Pause, Klymaxx (to be clear, not just the men pause when she walks in the room. everyone pauses.)

She is Her winner ::

  • LaVerne Ellerbe :: LaVerne is a successful entrepreneur that has been in the fashion industry for over 35 years.  She has ridden the highs and lows of business with a tenacious, determined and Godly spirit. Her beautiful handcrafted wraps are worn and loved by classy, elegant and sophisticated women all over the country. Please visit her website at

She is DOPE. 

This super creative chick is artsy and innovative. Whatever she dreams she makes come true - on her own terms. She's hella DOPE with her words, her camera, her synthesizer, voice - or maybe it's her paint brush or found objects and glue. No matter the tool she creates works of art that are admired by many.

Her theme song :: Party, Béyonce (this song is by an artist that is all-around dope and damn near a musical genius. the song exhibits elements of 1980's funk and soul music, and samples the 1985 song "La Di Da." It also recalls some of the work of New Edition and Prince, among others ... and the video ... it's full of e'rythang dope!)

She is Dope winner ::

  • Tania Kelly :: Described as brilliantly-hilarious, Tania has overcome many obstacles in her life which has provided her with unique perspectives. Tania  has been a member of Charlotte's premier sketch comedy group, Robot Johnson, for 7 years. With Robot Johnson, she regularly writes and performs original comedy pieces and also performed in many different plays.

She is Bawse. 

The bawse babe is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman - she's not only that. She's also a leader and caretaker for her professional team. She is a visionary, a strategist who is making bank, but because she's selfless, she creates opportunities for others. She knows that when the team wins, she wins and the community wins.

Her theme song :: Hard, Rihanna ft. Jeezy (cause she's going hard as the military to change lives through business.)

She is Bawse winner ::

  • Joy Randall :: Joy star is on the rise, yet she remains humble, honest, giving, and loving. More than makeup, she ministers during sessions and supports other black entrepreneurs by offering them a space to share their gifts and talents.  She recognizes that all the money in the world won't heal our community, but that healed people will heal the community.

She Got Juice. 

She's the 21st century Angela Davis, Winnie Mandela, Shirley Chisholm and Assata Shakur all rolled in one. She is leading the charge in the Charlotte community and has impacted significant change. 

Her theme song :: F.U.B.U., Solange (cause she's doing this shit for us.)

She Got Juice winner ::

  • Alexys Taylor :: Alexys is an education advocate who has been fighting for justice since high school. Her fight for justice was sparked by that Outward Bound experience. She was a student at Vance High School and returned to school on a mission to educate her peers about social and economic equality. She was intent on breaking negative stereotypes, speaking up for others and encouraging open dialogue, even when it was uncomfortable. Alexys continues her advocacy through her professional career. She's the full time job as Collections & Exhibitions Manager at the Harvey B. Gantt Center has helped expand the careers of several minority artists. is also the program manager for Inside|Out Charlotte, a collaboration with the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art that brings copies of museum artwork outdoors into Charlotte-area neighborhoods. The program exposes underprivileged kids and their families to the fine arts through a collaboration with The Abandoned Project. In 2013, she won the Queens University’s Black Excellence Award for Community Service. Everything Alexys does is for the love of her culture. In her words, “I want to see my people grow and have a successful life.”

She is Sincere. 

She's the realist, always authentic no matter where she finds herself.  She has faced serious challenges, but she doesn't complain. She appreciates the challenges and uses them as opportunities to help others live a golden life. On the outside, even knowing her challenges, it seems that she isn't phased. She's genuine and transparent at all times. In other words, she doesn't change for anyone - no matter what - and doesn't let her circumstances define her. 

Her theme song :: Golden, Jill Scott (no matter what happens, this chick keeps living life like it's golden.)

She is Sincere winner ::

  • Lola Jordan :: Lola is a chica who continues to strive and beat the 'mark,' in light of her mother's passing. A master's recipient, she uses her education to empower and inspire others to move forward despite rising challenges. Lola is friendly, caring and the epitome of 'what you see is what you get.

She is NOLA. 

She is the real life NOLA DARLING. She channels her in every way. She desires. She is sensual and fully inhabits her body. She's sexual and not just in the physical sense. She has a close kinship with her lady parts and knows that's where her erotic power is most powerful. She's self-loving and believes strongly in self-care. She knows who she is and what she wants and doesn't hesitate to get it. She's open, genuine, and a feminist. 

Her theme song :: Sweetest Love, K. Michelle (because she understands that self love - and possibly even masturbation - is the sweetest love on Earth.)

She is NOLA winner ::

  • Naj Auriella Richardson :: Naj Auriella Richardson teaches the power in owning sensuality and embracing your sexuality through pole dance. Her goal is to motivate women to get comfortable with expressing themselves sexually and not shy away from their femininity. Naj listens and connects with her students. She speaks the truth - even if no one wants to hear it- but knowing that everyone understands she's coming from a place of love.

She is Fancy. 

Fashion what? Fashion who? When they talk fashion they are talking about HER. She's a walking fashion plate that exudes style and grace. She's a black fashionista who channels Marjorie Harvey, Tracee Ellis Ross and Folake Huntoon. She real fancy!

Her theme song :: Fancy, Drake ft. TI & Swizz Beatz (she's FANCY, huh?)

She is Fancy winner ::

  • Felicia Bittle :: Felicia Bittle is a professional stylist with a funky edge who believes in styling the uniqueness of you. Her style is about expressing your personality, nonverbally, through clothing, hair, scent and image. She believes that there’s a reason why Beyonce doesn’t dress like Rihanna. True people with style don’t try to look like anyone else. Her favorite style icon is Audrey Hepburn and fashion muse is Lupita Nyong’o. What clients love most about working with Felicia that she creates classic stylish looks while incorporating elements of current fashion trends. In short, she helps you create looks that not only work for your body type and style, but that also offer the versatility for you to carry those looks thru multiple seasons. Not only does she provide styling consultations, she will also do personal shopping, packing for trips, and designing of looks for varying events. Felicia has been featured in the Charlotte Observer (regionally), Uptown Magazine (nationally). She has styled for recording artists and is currently a television personality. Her personal styling company is a sophisticated style made easy in which she partners with Rae Images and works as a Personal Stylist at Nordstrom – South Park. 

She is Tribe. 

She's the incense burning, boho, mother love of the community. She's naturally nurturing, caring, supportive and always the peace keeper. She's the head wrap wearing, acoustic soul sista who always has a smile and a positive mantra for you. She's a yoga lover and a light.

Her theme song :: On & On, Erykah Badu (because this Queen Mother will keep pushing and loving on the community to ensure we get where we need to be.)

She is Tribe winner ::

  • Brea Buffaloe :: Bria Buffaloe is the owner of Musa Moon, a loose tea and herbal apothecary business. She is a healer and loves spreading all of her knowledge about holistic health practices to everyone that she encounters. She seeks natural ways of mentally, physically, and spiritually healing based on current knowledge and is always open to learning more ways to heal. She promotes healing through natural herbs, crystals and more recently reiki. She also meditates and leads meditation for others. She is all about healing self and community.